Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Helen & Charlie

I am absolutely intrigued
by this photo.
Its a photo taken in 1919,
Helen Keller meeting Charlie Chaplin.
Just think about that for a moment.....

I love how he has taken off his hat.
And, how her fingers seem to be touching his moustache.
He appears to be smiling,
and there is just the faintest hint of a smile on Helen's face.

I love it.

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Kittie Howard said...

Hi, Rebecca! Happy you found me. I looove your header. And the Charlie Chaplain photo with Helen Keller - priceless!

Thank you for your interest in "Rings of Trust." It launches tomorrow. It's a story with a hard edge, lots of twists and turns, but an ending I think will make you smile. My Deep South friends who had a prior read said parts made their blood boil, then calmed, then boiled again, but by Chapt. 9 (of 10) the smiles began, yes, a southern story.