Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The New World of Blogging

Well, at least its new for me. I've thought about starting a blog, for some time now. And frankly, I was a little intimidated by that thought. I mean, I'm not super computer saavy. I can do the basic stuff, but the thought of actually creating my own space on the web was a little overwhelming. But I decided to timidly check it out, and much to my surprise, found it not nearly as worrisome as I thought it might be. In fact, its been sort of fun to think about a name, pick out fonts and colors and such. So, I'll see where this takes me.

Speaking of a name...I had a nice name picked out for my blog, a name that I've used in other ways, one that actually meant something to me. But I'm thinking maybe God had other plans. In my quiet time this morning, I was worshipping and thinking about God's grace, and how in every season of my life, now that I've finally had to grow up and actually have seasons I can look back on, God has loved me, and always shown me His grace. No matter what. No matter what I did, where I was, or how hard I tried to be unworthy, or even too busy and unconcerned of His love for me (yep, there was that time), but in every season, He has loved me and shown Himself to me. So, "In Every Season" sort of jumped into my thoughts as a blog name, and I guess it stuck there.

I don't know what the purpose is for this blog, or if there really is one. Maybe it will be just a place to reflect, vent, praise, giggle, and share. But if there is a purpose, I hope in someway it reflects Him, and His plan for my crazy life, and all the things that go into making my life the wild and wonderful ride that it has been so far.