Thursday, July 25, 2013

For the Love

Scarlett Love
Is there anything sweeter than a new baby?
Welcome to the world, dear one...
Daddy and baby girl

First Day.... and I cannot figure out why this picture is turned sideways?
Scarlett the Princess
Papa Bear

Monday, July 1, 2013

July and Random Thoughts

I've come to realization that I cannot seem to find the time to blog, at least in the manner and with the frequency that I once blogged.  I don't know if my muse has left me, or if its just a matter of time and too many other commitments.  I think its the latter, because I often feel that muse still there, and I'll think, "Oh that would make a great blog post!" and then I just don't get around to it. 

Its July already.  Its been a busy summer in our household.  Hubby and I have taken a couple of trips.  In May we headed down to Savannah, a city we both have deep ties too.  Last month we headed down to St Simons Island, a place where I spent so many summers of my childhood.  I simply must get to my island at least once or twice a year, to maintain my general mental and emotional health.    I have lots of pics to share from both places, and I'll try to get those posted here in the next few days.

We've also been busy with college planning.  Our youngest heads to the University of North Georgia in August.  Lots to do getting him ready to start.

Our second granddaughter arrives next week!  If not before!  We're excited to meet our newest addition.  Our home has been a flurry of activity with baby showers, and getting an extra bedroom converted into a sweet nursery for both of our baby girls.  I could post before and after pics of that too, right?  Although I haven't taken any before shots...before the gorgeous new paint color.  Castle Path by Sherwin Williams. 

Which reminds me...I read so many beautiful blogs about decorating, interior design, and renovations.  I love that stuff.  But I always feel so overwhelmed when I look at what other favorite bloggers are doing.  I feel like I put more pressure on myself when I look at what others have done, and feel the need to do it myself.  Does that make sense?  Pinterest does that too me too.  Although I love it.

Anyway...just random thoughts...  Happy Summer!  The 4th of July is here.  We'll spend it at the Lake, having cookouts, boating and swimming, the golf cart parade, and the kid's fishing tournament.  This year our darling Lena will participate for the first time in the kid's fishing tournament.  Her daddy will bait  her hook but I'll be there with my camera.  Another blog post, right?

See...its all there.  I just gotta get it posted.