Friday, May 17, 2013

A Milestone Day?

I don't it?  Is it a milestone day when you realize this may very well be the last morning you drag a boy out of bed, make his breakfast, and send him off to school?

For 27 or so years I've been waking up a little boy or two little boys, in the early morning hours, making sure they had a good breakfast and got dressed, dropped them off at school or at daycare, and headed to work myself.  When Nicholas grew up and moved out, Neil was still at home, in middle school, and life moved on as usual, just with one less boy under the roof.

Today is Neil's very last day of school, as a high school senior.  He is my last boy at home.  As I sat in the early morning darkness, enjoying my quiet time and coffee, before all the "rise and shine" activity, I realized this could be a momentous day in my life.  No longer will I be waking a sleepy child to get to school on time.  How much longer will Neil be at  home before he discovers college roommates and trying it "on his own?"

I must admit, the thought of a slower, quieter morning sounds, well, very nice.  But the thought of some how being less needed...I'm having to get use to that thought.