Friday, May 20, 2011

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies."

My mom told me that one time.  Seems she said someone long ago had said the same to her during an uncertain time in her life.  My dad had accepted a new position in broadcasting, which would move them to a new town, where she had limited acquaintences. With four small children, she would be leaving behind her own mom and siblings.

I made a change this week.  I decided to accept a new job, that puts me back in the fulltime workforce.  I remember blogging here several years back, when I decided to stop working fulltime and step away from the pressures of management and responsibility.  I needed to slow down, to breathe, to rest.  I took a part time job, teaching as an adjunct faculty member at a local college and working with a domestic violence center. 

Sometimes things run their course, right?  Sometimes a time comes when you have to weigh out the options, the pros and cons, and make a decision; decisions based on need and on your heart's desires. a couple of weeks, I'll be back at it.  It will be a  Somehow I feel like I've just closed my eyes, held my breath, and jumped into the deep end of the pool. 

But I know how to swim. 

My new gig...