Friday, March 19, 2010

I Love Her

"Don't get hung up on the size. If you feel bad about yourself because a 12 is what fits, take a sharpie and write 6 on the label."
Stacy London
What a great idea! Seriously, for me right now, Stacy is a huge comfort and inspiration. Whenever I watch What Not to Wear, I feel like there is always a way to look good, regardless of how I might be feeling about myself at the time.
For the last couple of weeks, I've tried to change my eating habits, with the ultimate goal of losing weight. In the last couple of years I've put on about 20 pounds. Thats 20 pounds I could not afford. I don't feel good, I don't look good. So...with summer right around the corner, which means swimsuit weather, I really need to get back into shape.
Just as important as weight, are the health issues for me. I know there are certain foods that really affect me in how I feel physically, foods that seem to have an adverse effect on my body. I know that products with flour make my tummy hurt, certain grains make my tummy hurt, sugar gives me a headache and makes me feel very sluggish. Food products that are high in starch, high gluten, high carbs, make me feel bad, physically and even affect my mood. Trouble is, I love that stuff...pasta, potatoes, rice, yeast rolls, and anything sweet I can get my hands on...chocolate, cake, cookies, candy. But...I must stop...for my sake.
I'm trying hard to "be good" and stay away from those foods I should not eat. For the past couple of weeks, I've eaten high protein, lots of salad veggies, very little fruit. I've seen a big change in how I feel but not in my weight. Hopefully that will come in time. My next task is to head to the gym. Exercise needs to go along with diet. Years ago I was a runner, power walker, and routinely did step aerobics. But now, at my age, and with a bum knee (thanks to all those years of running) and back issues, I need to find a different routine. I'm thinking about a personal trainer, at the gym nearby. Someone who understands the needs and conditions of a middle aged woman.
Meanwhile, Stacy makes me feel good. She reminds me that I can still be beautiful...that true beauty comes from the inside and only brightens up whats on the outside. No matter my body shape, I can still look "Shut up!" beautiful. And....if I really want to be a size 6, all I have to do is change the label.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Every Once In A While

that special time comes along. Those times that seem to surprise you, times so special that you know you are experiencing a "once in a lifetime." Times when you are able to be with the people that matter most to you in the whole wide world. Times of honor, and fun. When family gathers together to celebrate, and cheer, and support, and just "be," for you know these moments don't come along just any old day.

You cut up, laugh, and act silly.

You savor being there.

Maybe do a little line dancin'...or boot scootin.'

And you visit beautiful places...awesome and dreamy.

And for a time, you enjoy February. Even in Nashville.

And, you catch up with old friends, who have become old legends. "Whisperin' their way through songs, carving out a musical career.

Old friends who have become old icons. Like Bill Anderson, and Little Jimmy Dickens.

But best of all, you get to experience your daddy...appearing on the the Grand Ole Opry. Stealing the show, no less.

Old radio men never die...they simply appear on the Grand Ole Opry. Congrats Daddy!