Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year

Tonight is New Year's Eve.
I have BIG plans!
I plan to spend the evening browsing Home Depot.
And, purchasing a new area rug for my dining room.

I'll be starting this new book....

And, popping open a bottle of my favorite red...

I know...
My life is so exciting.
Please don't hate me.

Seriously y'all...
I'm exhausted.
I've had a house full of guests since the weekend before Christmas.
Thank goodness, they all finally went home this past weekend.
But, I have more guests arriving this next weekend.
I should get the "World's Best Hostess" award.
All this festivity is killing me.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Beginnings!


Bella Michelle said...

Thanks for linking up!!!

Happy New Years, my dear friend! May the year bring you blessings & joy!!!

Moon Stumpp said...

Happy New Year!!! I wish you peace and a brilliant 2013.