Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I've Got It!

I've learned to avoid lofty New Year's resolutions. 
Rarely do I complete them,
and I really don't do disappointment real well, when I look back at the end of the year,
only to check off all those well intended resolutions that I didn't meet. 

Sure, I could resolve to do all those reasonable things,
like lose weight (which I need to do...badly).
Or, be a better mom,
Or be more patient,
Or practice one act of kindness every day.
But, aren't those the kind of things we do each day, anyway?
So, I decided to simplify my resolutions, and have just one;
one very simple resolution...
Yes! Have more fun...laugh, and look for fun and every opportunity to seize it.
Hopefully this will not get me into too much trouble.
Sounds simple enough....
Well... maybe just one more thing...
Greece.  Visit Greece.
My brother lives there,
and has begged me for years to come visit him.
I think I will resolve to work hard to save my money,
and plan a trip to see him.
This is his view from his apartment in Athens.
 Fun...and Greece. 
Think I'll be disappointed?