Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day? What Snow Day?

Yeah, I had myself so psyched for snow. I had fixin's for a big pot of Taco Soup. I had my snow boots (really hiking boots in disguise) out, beside the back door. I was so excited! Instead, all we got was this. I can't believe it. I feel cheated! Everyone north and SOUTH of us has snow, and a snow day from school. What gives??
I'm thankful for the rain, really I am. We desperately need it around these parts. But geez, I really wanted snow.


Cathy said...

I hate you all didn't get any of the white stuff. The snow was beautiful and dd enjoyed a snow day and she'll enjoy another one tomorrow.

Taco Soup...Yum

Beaufort Belle said...

You can have my's still lying around the yard and I hope the old wive's tale doesn't come true. We did get about 3 inches of rain over 2 days prior to the snow starting.

But I would love some of that Taco Soup! Seems DH always thinks that chili is the end all be all when bad weather comes. :D

Anonymous said...

It's almost gone! Does that make you feel better? I'm really hoping that was the first and last for NC. I'm planting my seeds this weekend and hoping for sunny skies and porch swinging weather.

I'll take some soup!