Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rain, Rain

Everything in Georgia is wet. Rain, rain and more rain, for weeks. I heard today that it has rained somewhere in Georgia everyday for the past month. Finally. Its about time.

We've been in a drought now for about 4 years. I've lost countless plants, flowers, vegetables, even a couple of dogwood trees. Our lake has been 20 feet below normal. So for a gardener and lake rat such as myself, this rain is an answer to prayer.

But...why is there always a "but" in there somewhere? The snails and slugs are everywhere. Eww, I hate those creatures. They are enjoying a feast courtesy of my petunias and just last evening, my blanket flower. Gross little monsters. So each evening I'm giving my flower garden, and my container arrangments a thorough once over. Its all I can do to pick a snail or slug from a plant. Shivers and gags.

Snails aside, my flowers and veggies are reveling in all the rain. I even have one tiny tomato already on one of our tomato plants. I suppose I'm reveling in the rain as well. I know the heat of summer is right around the corner. Thankfully there's water in the lake, a dock gently rocking right offshore, and comfy lounge chairs under a big umbrella. Now, where's that cabana boy?


Liz said...

Ugh.. tons of slugs here too. All over my hostas. Grr!

Shelley in SC said...

I love the visual of the full lake, gently rocking dock and comfy lounge chairs. Mmmmm. Can I come over?? (I'm glad you left us with that visual instead of the slugs!!)