Friday, March 8, 2013

Winter. Please.


We've had enough. gone!

This has been a long, wet, hard winter.
In our house, we've
had the flu,
had pneumonia..still trying to recover,
lost a dear friend,
and are saying goodbye to sweet, dear uncle.

Time changes this weekend.
With it I hope comes Spring...quickly.

I need the
a Margarita...
and a cupcake.

Hurry June.


Nancy said...

So sorry for your recent losses Becky.

And, you know how I feel about winter. This hasn't been the coldest winter temperature wise, but all endless damp and overcast days have worn me down. Looking forward to a beautiful weekend. Hope you are too.

Shelley in SC said...

Wow . . . I thought spring was just about to come, and then winter hit us again today. I'm sure it did you to. Here's hoping you get that sunshine and soon. It has been a hard winter for you!!!

Carol Cook said...

I live in southern California so we aren't experiencing the kind of weather much of the country is. But, it is a weird spring. Today the sun was out and 10 minutes later it was freezing. We put the heater on this evening. I am ready for true spring.