Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hello Legs

Its good to see ya...I think.

Today is the first day, after the long cold winter, that I'm pant-less. I've slipped on a cute new spring-y dress, a pair of cute flats, and a layer of self tanner on the legs. I'm hoping no one at work really thinks this is a cruel April Fool's joke, that I'm bearing my lily white legs. But...spring is in the air, its a beautiful day, temps are suppose to be near 80 here in Georgia. What's a girl to do? Wear pants, on a day like today? Oh no...goodbye drab winter sweaters, slack, and jeans. Hello self tanner, legs, and skirts! Spring has sprung!

I'm hoping you celebrate spring this weekend. If the weather permits, pull out your spring wardrobe and your Easter dresses. Have a blessed Passover, Good Friday, and celebrate Easter.


Shelley in SC said...

I love this cute post! You're right, with the warmer weather I am seeing my legs for the first time in months, come to think of it!! And, yes, bring on the self-tanner . . . quick!

audrey2010 said...

Haha your post makes alot of sense! i mean its Spring! the beautiful flowers come out and the weather isnt so gloomy thanks to winter! HA we can actually go outside comfortably! ohh and i dont need self tanner i cant tan for the life of me! Lol


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