Friday, July 24, 2009

St Simons Island

My Granny use to say that St Simons Island was a "dripping place." It dripped with spanish moss, humidity, and the old spirituals sung by the Gullah women on wash day. I think Granny was right. Sometimes I think my blood, my very soul, is mingled in the sand and the plough mud of the island and her marshes. I find myself called back there time and time again, since I was a child. Its been difficult, sometimes heartbreaking to see how the island has changed, from the sleepy mysterious place it was for me as a child, to the development of residential communities and vacation condos for tourism today. Here are some pictures of our trip there a few weeks ago.

Sunset on East Beach
Live Oaks and Spanish Moss at the Indian Burial Ground Christ Church

Black Banks Creek, my favorite crabbing spot

I let this one go.

Pretty Shells

Prettier Babies

My Least One

St Simons Light at Night

Sunset from the Pier


sheila from life @ #17 said...

the prettier babies are, smile, pretty :)

and I love the creek shot and the lighthouse at night! that night shot is simply a good way :)

Bella said...

Love all these...especially those little sweeties!

Shelley in SC said...

Oh, this looks beautiful. And what an apt description of the island as "drippy." I've always been fascinated with this island.

Alex said...

i used to live there!!!!!! it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i lived in seapalms. used to bike to town. used to play on the playground, but they tore it commin for spring break